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Commercial Window Cleaning Poole

window cleaning commercial properties poole

We can service all manner of commercial window cleaning contracts and have a long standing history with many of our clients. Our use of both the hot pure water system as well as window cleaning the traditional way, means that we are fully versatile to tackle all manner and types of commercial buildings.

Hot water window cleaning system

We use hot water on all our commercial cleaning contracts. Hot water simply cleans better as it can remove grease and stains with greater success. It also drys 4 times quicker than cold water leaving you with truly exceptional cleaning results.

Pure Water Cleaning

Better Cleaning Results: 100% Pure Water made by our system produces cleaning results that are second to none. The absence of detergent means no sticky residues are left behind, therefore windows do not soil as quickly; windows stay cleaner… longer!

Pole System

We use top of the range carbon fiber telescopic poles . This means that we can clean windows quickly and efficiently without the constant re-positioning of ladders. Our pole system can extend up to six storeys whilst we are stood on the ground.

  • Window cleaning van with pure water system

    An example of our pure water system

  • Window cleaning commercial properties

    Window cleaning six storeys high

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G&B Maintenance
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Our Services

Window Cleaning
Hot Pure Water Cleaning Systems
with extensible pole or ladder
Gutter Cleaning
Cleaning out & washing down
Jet / Pressure Cleaning
Driveway Cleaning
Patio cleaning
Pathways cleaning
UPVC repair
Window & Door repair and
replacment if required.
General Maintenance
Repair, refit & refurbish
domestic & commercial properties.

Pure Water System

  • Window cleaning van with pure water system

Pure Water is 100% filtered water, that leaves your windows streak free without the use of chemicals


Window Cleaning

  • Window cleaning van with pure water system

Using the latest window cleaning systems to get the job done well. From highly filtered hot water to an extendable pole system, we really have all the latest technology.


Hot Water System

  • Window cleaning van with pure water system

We use the latest Concept 02 Pure Hot Water System. You wouldn't wash your car with cold water, so why wash your windows?


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